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Zip Pay Policy

Zip Pay Policy

Gasrep Services offers Zip Pay as a payment method on our online store. The use of Zip Pay is subject to the terms outlined in Zip Pay’s policy as well as the additional terms set out on this page.

Gasrep reserves the right to disable the use of Zip Pay on any items in the store. This cannot be done retroactively and any purchases that are successfully made through Zip Pay will not be rescinded for this reason alone.

Gasrep does not currently allow the use of Zip Money to make purchases on our online store. Meaning a cart amount under $1000 AUD is required to make use of Zip Pay. Gasrep will not recombine separate orders in order to skirt these terms, they are a requirement of the use of Zip Pay.

Payment is validated by Zip Pay at the time of purchase. Meaning the order processing begins as soon as the order is made.