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The 1Torch is the first plasma cutting torch that performs with virtually all plasma cutting power supplies. The 1Torch works great with high frequency start systems, CD start, Touch Start and Moving Start systems. Install the 1Torch on your current plasma power supply and you will immediately benefit from the latest in high-performance torch technology available today.

The 1Torch SL60 is suited for Applications between 20-60 AMPS, such as the Cutmaster 10mm, 20mm,25mm.

Alternatively, you can find the SL100 which is suited for the Cutmaster 35mm and 40mm.

  • 6m Lead – O2B Connection
  • Ergonomic Torch Handle
  • Choice of Extended Tip for greater visibility at low power OR Protected Tip for high amperage applications
  • Lower Consumable Parts Inventories and Costs