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Lincoln Invertec 270SX Inverter Welder – K12040-2


The Invertec® 270SX Stick and Lift TIG welder is designed and manufactured using the latest digital inverter technology. The unit is suitable for heavy-duty applications, combining a rugged industrial construction with excellent arc characteristics. The lightweight but solid build of this machine makes it suitable for operation on site in conjunction with a generator or within a workshop environment, providing maximum flexibility.



Lincoln Inverter Welder K12040-2 Invertec 270SX

Lincoln Inverter Welder K12040-2 is designed and manufactured using the latest digital inverter technology.


  • Robust, built for heavy environmental conditions.
  • Excellent stick welding performance with either rutile or basic electrodes.
  • Fully protected PCB’s isolated from the cooling air intake.
  • Maximum output of 270 amps allows the use of electrodes up to 5.0mm
  • Adjustable – “Arc Force” and “Hot Start” as standard
  • Invertec V270SX stick and Lift TIG welder utilises quality digital inverter technology to deliver excellent arc characteristics with a wide output range of 5 – 270 Amps
  • This welding equipment features a digital meter showing the presettable welding current, actual welding current or voltage during welding
  • The high duty cycle of the machine supports continuous stick welding with a wide variety of electrode types such as Rutile, Basic and even Cellulosic
  • The Lift TIG welding function incorporated in this machine allows easy starting without tungsten contamination
  • Invertec V270SX comes with a built-in VRD (voltage reducing device) and combines a rugged industrial construction, excellent arc characteristics, wide output range and portability.

Additional information

Weight 33 kg
Dimensions 65 × 50 × 40 cm

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