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Unimig Viper Multi 195 Max Welder 10amp – U11011


The VIPER MULTI 195 MAX is now out, the latest addition to our VIPER range.
This 3-in-1 machine has been packed full of features so it can do just about everything, MIG, DC TIG and STICK, and all on a 10A plug.


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The VIPER MULTI 195 MAX comes loaded with complete, comprehensive synergic MIG and TIG programs.
Setting up for your welds has never been quicker or easier.

DC High-Frequency TIG
Maximise your results from start to finish. A high-frequency torch can start an arc without contacting the workpiece, reducing the risk of contaminating the tungsten or the weld. This also means you get access to the entire TIG weld cycle, including pre- and post-gas and up and down slope parameters.

10A Plug
Plug in and play. The 10A power plug can be used on any domestic outlet, so it’s perfect for the DIY home handyman or the professional welder looking to take it anywhere.

Power Factor Correction (PFC)
Get the most out of your machine. The PFC maximises the electrical efficiency of the machine and automatically compensates for any voltage fluctuations, so you get more output power and the internal components last longer.

MIG Smart-Set
Setting up for a weld has never been easier, just set your joint type, filler wire, gas mixture, wire diameter, and material thickness and you’re ready to weld

Complete MIG Weld Cycle Control
Get complete control over your MIG welds with a full set of adjustable parameters, such as pre- and post-gas flow, arc ignition speed, and burnback.

TIG Smart-Set
The easiest way to set up for a TIG weld, simply set your material, joint type, tungsten diameter, plate thickness, and gas mixture and you’re good to go!

Foot Control Ready
This machine supports the connection of both a wired or wireless foot control for extra versatility and convenience while welding. You can adjust your amperage hands-free to avoid disrupting your torch movement, and the wireless option reduces cables and adds greater manoeuvrability.

Heat Control Trigger (HCT) Mode
HCT lets you set a base current, which you can switch to at any time during a weld by pressing the trigger button. Heat Control Trigger Mode is great for manual heat input control as you go.

Pulse MMA
Pulse MMA (STICK) welding helps reduce spatter, improves heat control and allows for an easier removal of slag. It also improves the speed and efficiency of vertical up welds by eliminating the use of the “Christmas Tree” technique, while still maintaining root fusion.

Digital Geared Wire Drive
Experience unparalleled accuracy with our all-new Digital Geared Wire Drive system. Designed to sustain a consistent arc in varying conditions and with different wire types, it ensures an accurate wire feed speed. With this system, achieving precision in every welding task is effortless.

Machine Specifications:

  • Primary input voltage : 240V Single Phase
  • Supply plug: 10 AMP
  • Ieff (A): 8.9
  • Rated output: 25A/15V – 195A/23.8V
  • No load voltage (V): 67
  • Protection class: IP21
  • Insulation class: H
  • Minimum generator (kVA): 8.5
  • Dinse connector: 35/50
  • Standard: AS/NZS 60974.1
  • Suitable material
    MIG: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Silicon Bronze TIG: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Silicon Bronze MMA: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron


UNIMIG is pleased to offer a 3 year warranty on the VIPER MULTI 195 MAX*.

*Please note warranty only applies to the power source only*

MIG Specifications:

  • MIG Welding current range: 25-195A
  • MIG Duty cycle @ 40°C: 15% @ 195A / 60% @ 98A / 100% @ 76A
  • MIG Wire size range: 0.6-1.0mm
  • MIG Wire spool size: 1kg / 5kg
  • MIG Welding thickness range: 1-8mm
  • Drive roller size: 30/22

TIG Specifications:

  • TIG Function type: DC High-Frequency
  • TIG Welding current range: 5-195A
  • TIG Duty cycle @ 40°C: 30% @ 195A / 60% @ 138A / 100% @ 107A
  • TIG Welding thickness range: 1-8mm

STICK Specifications:

  • STICK Welding current range: 5-195A
  • STICK Duty cycle @ 40°C: 15% @ 195A / 60% @ 98A / 100% @ 76A
  • STICK Electrode range: 2.5-4.0mm
  • STICK Welding thickness range: 2-10mm

Package Includes:

  • VIPER MULTI 195 MAX Welder
  • 4m M15 MIG Torch
  • 4m SR17 Flex-Head TIG Torch
  • 3m Twist Lock Electrode Holder
  • 3m 300 Amp Earth Clamp & Lead
  • Twin Gauge Argon Regulator
  • 2m Gas Hose Complete with fittings
  • Operating Manual
  • 0.8-0.9mm V Groove Roller
  • 0.8-0.9mm F Groove Roller
  • 1.0-1.2mm U Groove Roller

Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 30 cm

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