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Lincoln Speedtec 200c Inverter MIG Welder – K14099-2


Input Power: 230/1/50/60

Processes: CV MIG, FCAW, Stick, LIFT TIG



Lincoln K14099-2 SpeedTec 200c Inverter MIG Welder

The Lincoln K14099-2 SPEEDTEC® 200C has been equipped with Power Factor Correction (PFC), a feature which supports high output welding current from a single phase 230V1Ph 50/60Hz supply.


Many tasks, many occasions, single 1ph device

PFC bring many benefits; for the same input current almost 30% more output can be obtained, allowing the use of a long (e.g. 50m) primary extension cable thus reducing energy demands and costs. In addition PFC reduces the power dissipation on input cables by up to 50% hence reducing energy costs.

The Perfect Sinusoidal input current waveform reduces harmonics and allows compliance with the latest European standard EN 61000-3-12. The SPEEDTEC® 200C is a real “Green Initiative” welding machine.

Lincoln K14099-2 Top Features

  • Innovative, Portable and Lightweight, Anyplace, Anywhere.
  • More Welding Power, Energy and Cost savings, Generator Compatible, Safe
  • Icon control color TFT Interface screen
  • Robust, Reliable and Professional
  • Innovative, Portable and Lightweight Anyplace, Anywhere.
  • More Welding PowerEnergy and Cost savings, Generator Compatible, Safe.
  • Icon control color TFT Interface screen
  • Robust, Reliable and Professional


  • INPUT POWER: 230/1/50/60
  • RATED OUTPUT: 200A/24V@25%, 110A/19.5V@100%
  • OUTPUT RANGE: 20-200A
  • SOLID WIRE SIZE RANGE: 0.6-1.0 mm
  • CORED WIRE SIZE RANGE: 0.9-1.1 mm
  • WIRE FEED SPEED RANGE: 1-15 m/min
  • DIMENSIONS (H x W x D): 396 mm x 246 mm x 527 mm
  • NET WEIGHT: 17.2 kg

Additional information

Weight 26.55 kg
Dimensions 70 × 30 × 53 cm

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