Kemppi Beta e90 SFA PAPR Welding Helmet



TH2 rated PAPR packages featuring solutions for both particle and gas filtration.
Package contains Beta e90 SFA welding helmet, auto-darkening welding lens SA 60B, powered air respirator PFU 210e, air hose, pre-filter, particle filter, battery 3.2 Ah, battery charger, flow meter, leather belt with comfort padding.

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NEW improved Beta e series welding respirators provide cool and clean breathing air, from either a PFU 210e battery powered filter unit offering optimal freedom of movement around the workspace, or a supplied breathing air solution where the airflow is regulated from the RSA 230.

Although the connection to RSA230 more tightly controls the freedom of movement to a local area, supplied air solutions suit applications where welding and shielding gases may build up displacing the breathing air.

Beta PFA/SFA/XFA welding respirator models are certified with a maximum inward leakage level of 2 % and when connected to the PFU 210e filter unit, offer the option of combined particle and gas filtration set.


  • Beta e90 PFA/SFA/XFA respirator models
  • For welding, tacking, cutting, grinding, inspection
  • Battery-powered PAPR or airline supplied models
  • XFA model features LiFE+ Colour ADF technology including shades 14 and 15
  • SFA model features LiFE+ Colour ADF technology including shades 9–13
  • EN 175 B, AS/NZS 1337.1, EN 12941 TH2 and AS/NZS 1716
  • Optional A1B1E1 GAS filter
  • Fast charging PAPR battery packs
  • Leather belt and metal buckle
  • Lightweight welding respirator – Beta e90 PFA with face seal weighs only 650 g
  • Comfort headband
  • Magnifying lens option
Weight7.05 kg
Dimensions59 × 40 × 32 cm


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