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Weldtronic 221i MTSA 4in1 AC/DC PFC MIG Welder – TM221iMSTA/P2

$3299.00 $2499


TITAN 221iMSTA is a modern 220amp – 4in1 compact inverter welder with clear easy-to-follow Large 5” Colour LCD screen display, AC/DC, High-Frequency TIG, Synergic MIG and MMA functionality all in one machine.

The 221iMSTA offers simple step-by-step digital LCD control of parameters providing easy-to-use professional control.
Manufactured using the latest IGBT technology with energy-saving power-factor correction standard.
It has an easy-to-use LCD menu including a Synergic MIG option; allowing the operator to simply select plate thickness and weld.
The 221iMSTA comes with pre-gas, slope-up, peak and base current settings along with AC/DC pulse width, frequency, wave balance, down-slope and post-gas flow, giving the operator complete arc control. 2T or 4T trigger function setting allows easy control of the welding process from start to finish.
It is equipped with an integrated 2 Roll GEARED METAL Wire feed unit and capable of accepting both 1kg & 5kg spools.

PFC technology means the TITAN 221iMSTA is extremely power efficient, delivering higher duty cycle for longer cuts and higher productivity, even on heavier section material.
PFC allows this welder to be used on long extension leads. (up to 100m)
A great choice for operation on generator power, where required.

Ideal for onsite repairs and maintenance, medium industrial workshops, car panel repairs or serious welders that want a single phase inverter they can plug in and use around their own home workshop.

Built to our specification and manufactured in compliance to ISO/IEC/AS 60974.1


In stock (can be backordered)

Weldtronic Titan 221i MTSA 220amp 4in1 AC/DC PFC MMA/MIG/TIG Welder – TM221iMSTA/P2


  • Gas Shielded MIG Welding
  • Gasless MIG Welding
  • Synergic MIG Gas Shielded Welding
  • (MMA) AC Welding
  • (MMA) DC Welding
  • (Lift) DC TIG Welding
  • (Lift) AC TIG Welding
  • (HF) DC TIG Welding
  • (HF) AC TIG Welding


  • Large Colour 5” LCD Display
  • IGBT Inverter Technology
  • PFC (Power Factor Correction)
  • Wide Voltage Tolerance
  • Transparent, Wear Resistant , Impact Proof Protection cover
  • Simple User  Interface
  • Synergic or Manual MIG Mode
  • Easy Set Plate Thickness (MIG Synergic)
  • Job / Memory Function
  • 2RG Geared Metal Drive System
  • Full Function  AC/DC TIG Modes
  • AC Square / AC Sine / AC Triangular / DC
  • Lift Start / High Frequency Start
  • Spot / Tacking  Mode
  • Pre / Post Flow Control
  • Pre / Post Current Control
  • Up / Down Slope Control
  • Base / Peak Current  Control
  • Pulse Frequency / Duty Cycle Control
  • AC  Frequency Control
  • 2T / 4T Trigger Mode
  • Quick Fit Euro MIG Torch Connection
  • Quick Fit gas Connection
  • 35-50 Industrial Cable connectors
  • Spool Gun Compatible
  • Suits D100 or D200 Spools


  • Titan 221iMSTA Power Source
  • 4m Earth Lead Assembly
  • 4m Twist-lock Work Lead Assembly
  • 3m Quick Connect Gas Hose Assembly
  • Argon/Co2 Regulator
  • 4m BZ25 MIG Torch
  • 4m 26FX TIG Torch
Weight30 kg
Dimensions68 × 38 × 52 cm


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