RAZOR 200 AC/DC TIG WELDER BUNDLE (Foot Control/Trolley)



The RAZOR™ 200 AC/DC gives you full control over High Frequency AC/DC TIG welding for incredible results from start to finish. Fitted with a portable 15 AMP plug and Pulse TIG functions, this is your go-to professional unit that works a treat on any worksite.

Tailor your TIG settings with a wide range of controllable parameters including Pre Gas Time, Start Current, Up Slope and Down Slope Time, Finish Current Level and Post Gas Time.

The all-new ARC TORCHOLOGY T2 TIG Torch comes standard with the RAZOR™ 200 AC/DC, offering up to 30% better power-to-weight ratio and longer consumable lifecycles. A Remote Foot Control can also be plugged into the machine for even more versatility.

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  • UNIMIG Foot Pedal (UTJRFC-4)
  • RWX8000 Welding Helmet (UMCWH)
  • T2 TIG Torch Consumable Starter Kit (UMSKT2)
  • ROGUE™ TIG Welding Gloves (UM-S-TG1L)
  • HYPERTIG™ 5356 Aluminium TIG Rods 2.4mm 1kg (AT5356-2.4-1KG)
  • HYPERTIG™ 316 Stainless Steel TIG Rods 1.6mm 1kg (TI316-1.6-1KG)
  • Small Machine Trolley (UMJRTROLLEY2)
Weight41.5 kg
Dimensions192 × 99 × 87 cm


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