Lincoln Invertec 160SX



The Invertec® 160SX is built to perform: rugged and robust on one hand, portable in another. Lightweight and easy to handle in a wide variety of applications, it is ideal for professional industrial maintenance and small industrial projects, both on site and in workshops. Equipped with Power Factor Correction (PFC) Invertec® 160SX provides almost 30% output with the same input current. PFC reduces the power dissipation on input cables by up to 50%. Compliant with the latest European standard EN 61000-3-12

  • More Power – 30% more output current with the same input current allows welding up to 4.0mm electrode with 10A input.
  • Portable Everywhere – Lightweight, easy to handle, can operate with up to 100m mains extension cables and suitable to use from a generator.
  • Robust design, Industrial use – Electrical safety (IP23), potted PC boards and optimum airflow reduces contamination to extend the equipments life in the harshest environmental conditions.
  • Excellent Welding Experience – Good arc ignition with a smooth stable arc, Soft and Crisp mode, Auto Adaptive Arc Force an optimum choice for welding with every type of electrode.
  • Cellulosic Capability -No electrode is too difficult to weld with. Suitable for small diameter pipe welding
  • Extended Input Voltage Range – Smart switching input power allows use from either a single-phase 115v or 230v mains supply
  • Green Welding Initiative – PFC gives low current consumption, energy saving, low current harmonics and reduction of the total CO2 produced by the welding process.

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ACCESSORIES        Product Number
Welding Lead Kit    3M KIT-200A-25-3M
Welding Lead Kit    5M KIT-200A-35-5M

STICK 240V AC 5-160A 80V* 160A/26.4V@25%
20A/10A 5.17kVA
TIG 240V AC 5-160A 12V* 160A/16.4V@25%
– –

Weight11.9 kg
Dimensions43 × 28 × 41 cm


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