Weldtronic Titan 251iC MST 250amp MIG Inverter Welder with Trolley

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The TITAN 251iC MST is a self-contained Single phase Multi Process Welding inverter with digital voltage and amperage meters, that performs MIG (GMAW/FCAW), Stick (MMAW) and Lift TIG (GTAW) welding processes.

It is ideal for welding plate thicknesses between 1.0mm and 12mm with a range of wires from 0.6mm-1.0mm (Solid) and 1.0-1.2mm (Aluminium).

The machine is reliable, robust and stacked with features that you can expect from a quality Welding machine.

The TITAN 251iC MST is equipped with an integrated 4 Roll GEARED METAL Wire feed unit and capable of accepting both 5kg & 15kg spools.

The  MIG  function allows  you to  weld with both  Gas  Shielded  and  Gasless  wire  applications.

Featuring Step less adjustment of Voltage  and  wire  feed make  for  easy setting  of  welding parameters giving excellent, professional  welding results.

Ideal for onsite repairs and maintenance, medium industrial workshops, car panel repairs or serious welders that want a single phase inverter they can plug in and use around their own home workshop.

Built to our specification and manufactured in compliance to ISO/IEC/AS 60974.1

In stock (can be backordered)


  • Gas Shielded MIG Welding
  • Gasless MIG Welding
  • Stick (MMA) Welding
  • TIG (Lift) Welding


  • IGBT Inverter Technology
  • Digital Volt & Amp Meters
  • 2T / 4T Trigger Mode
  • 4RG Geared Metal Drive System
  • Infinite Amperage/Voltage Controls
  • Basic Controls / Easy to Use
  • Fine Tuning (Inductance) Control
  • Quick Fit Euro MIG Torch Connection
  • Adjustable Arc Force (Stick)
  • Adjustable Down Slope (Lift TIG)
  • Adjustable Burn Back Control
  • Spool Gun Compatible
  • Suits D200 or D300 Spools
  • Optional integrated Mobile Trolley Kit



  • Titan 251iC MST Power Source
  • 4m BZ25 Euro MIG Torch
  • 4m Earth Lead Assembly
  • 4m Twist-lock Work Lead Assembly
  • 3m Quick Connect Gas Hose Assembly
  • Argon/Co2 Regulator
Weight65 kg
Dimensions120 × 60 × 120 cm


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