Cebora 2060MD Single Phase Pulse MIG Welder

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The new Sound MIG 2060/MD Star Double Pulse is the most powerful and portable 240v single phase, synergic inverter MIG on the market.

This machine has an incredible duty cycle of 160Amps at 100% (tested 10 min at 40C) and only weighs 21.5kg being so portable it is great for onsite use and boasts on IP 23 rating. Added to these benefits it has a durable powder coated steel case with an impact absorbing frame.

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LEADING EDGE INVERTER TECHNOLOGY is used to deliver exceptional pulse arc characteristics allowing the operator to achieve outstanding weld results on such a wide range of parent metals.

SYNERGIC DIGITAL CONTROL TECHNOLOGY is the perfect alignment of amps and volts displayed in weldable plate thickness. This significantly reduces set up time and weld spatter resulting in savings in labour and clean-up costs.

THE ‘POWER FACTOR CORRECTION’ innovation is included on this machine enables the power source to tolerate supply/input voltage fluctuations of +15% over voltage and -20% under voltage, protecting the power source from power spikes, drops and surges thus protecting the equipment and delivering consistent weld output.

SINGLE PULSE technology delivers a smooth, consistent weld bead. Great appearance and control over the weld pool.

DOUBLE PULSE technology achieves a clean, scalloped weld bead appearance that had previously only been achievable using AC TIG.

Mild steel, stainless steel, Aluminium, Silicone Bronze & Aluminium Bronze


  • Double and Single Pulse MIG.
  • Synergic short arc MIG.
  • Conventional MIG.
  • Automatic burn back & manual adjustment.
  • Soft start wire feed, automatic creep control.
  • Hot start adjustment.
  • Crater fi ll adjustment.
  • 3 level trigger (1)start current (2)weld current (3) crater current.
  • Digital display of weldable plate thickness in millimetres.
  • Digital display of wire speed in meters per minute.
  • Digital display of amperage (Amps).
  • Digital display of voltage (Volts).
  • Personal adjustment of wire feed +10%/-10%.
  • 2T & 4T trigger latch.
  • Quality function – Holds the Amps & Volts of each last weld.
  • Job memory – Store up to 99 pairs of Amps/Volts values.
  • Upgradeable software.
  • Gas test and purge.
  • Cold wire inch without gas or current.
  • Geared top and bottom wire drive system in cast aluminium.
  • RS232 port & USB for QA.
  • Self diagnostic fault detection.
  • Thermal overload protection.
  • Smart fan cooling system.
Weight28 kg
Dimensions500 × 670 × 280 cm


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