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Pferd Cutting Disc 125mm x 1.0mm INOX BULK – 100pc – 61341112

$299.00 $199



PFERD thin cut-off discs have a reputation for quality and long wheel life, and now these wheels just got even better. A thin disc designed for use with a 125mm (5″) angle grinders, either powered or cordless. A high-performance thin cutting wheel with results that speak for themselves.

Up close the PFERD thin cut off disc looks a little different. You notice there is no metal ring in the middle of the disc. PFERD moved away from the unnecessary metal ring ‘old technology’ and production process and introduced a new manufacturing procedure and quality control that produces a much better high performing cutting disc. In your hands, these wheels feel thin, very flat, precise and light with a smooth textured finish that’s comfortable to handle.

When using these cut-off wheels one of the first things you notice is how easily it cuts through steel and stainless steel. You can apply pressure or let your hand guide the wheel with the weight of the angle grinder. The result is a precise cut with very little burr formation. Our cutting tests have shown that most thin cut-off wheels start cutting well but deteriorate quickly in comparison to PFERD discs. You get fewer wheel changes and much better performance to get the job done. PFERD has taken the thin cutting to a whole new level with these wheels, making them perfect for any workshop or tradesperson. “Xtreme cutting performance”.


ULTRA-THIN Cut Off Wheel PREMIUM – INOX Stainless Steel & Steel – 1.0mm

Quick Benefits 

– More cuts

– Longer lasting

– Less wheel changes

– Less downtime

– Reduced burr & less material wastage

– Saves you time & money

– Manufactured without the addition of ferrous (Fe), chlorinated (CI) or sulphurous (S) fillers that cause metal corrosion.



Wheel Size mm / in: 125 (5”)

Thickness mm:1.0

Max RPM: 8,600

Abrasive: Aluminium oxide A

Materials: Steel & Stainless Steel (INOX)

Applications: Cutting sheet metal, profiles and solid material

Weight5 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 30 cm


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